I can officiate a standard wedding ceremony or write to your wishes, from your heart. 
I become not only your officiant but also your ghost writer, capturing your innermost thoughts in prose, disclosed through a  romantic script to be read and reread at future anniversaries. 

I weave in your personal viewpoints on spirituality - or not, as you prefer. Most couples who choose me to officiate are not traditionally religious.

Your personalities are reflected throughout your ceremony. 

Love in the air after wedding
Children may participate. Pets are welcome if your venue allows them.

Family Blendings, Ring Warmings, Hand Fastings, Rose Ceremonies or other rituals add to your event's charm and success. Music and readings are always welcome.
Sand Ceremonies are popular. (If you are marrying on a beach it is authentic to "scoop" sand for the pouring and not use purchased sand - you might save that for indoor ceremonies unless you desire colors available in purchased sand.)  You might use shells as vessels or pour sand into a sentimental dish. Some couples add petals or pearls to their sand. 
Wine Ceremonies are popular!

 Together we will plan your ceremony
to create an experience
 reflecting your personalities and passions.
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We'll share our ideas

You will have complete control over the character, theme, and details of your ceremony.

 I composed and officiated a theater-in-the-round wedding in a hotel dome where the processional of attendants, bride, and groom mingled their way to the alter, greeting tables of seated guests along their route. After the pronouncement, time pieces were wound in unison signifying the start of their new life together.


Beautiful wedding
I will craft your ceremony using the information you share with me and email an edit copy to you for review. 
You may ask me to revise paragraphs or add additional details when you return your edited copy.  Often couples fail to mention information they later wish they had included. 
I'll officiate your beautifully-composed ceremony with dignity.

Signing and Recording 
your Marriage License

The day after your ceremony I mail your license to your county clerk. You will get a ceremonial copy after signing.